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Teaching mind-body mastery in the internal martial arts since 1976


T'ai-chi ch'uan

Energetic Meditaton:  Mastering your bio rhythms.

Taoist Breathing Practices, Qigong (ch'i kung), Ba Gua. 

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Article:  "Finding Qi in the Martial Arts"

by John Bracy (Qi Magazine)

Free:  No sign in required.  Taoist pulse technique to increase blood suppply to the upper chest and open the lungs. Excerpt from new book. The Heart-Pulse Method(Read more)

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Learn Ba Gua (Lesson 1: Choosing your Ba Gua Path: For Personal Healing and Energy, For Close Combat, or Both) Learn Ba Gua (Lesson 2: The rewards and challenges of Ba Gua combat training / making ba gua work for you) Learn Ba Gua (Lesson 3: The default hand position).  Learn Ba Gua (Lesson 4: A closer look at "Empty-Full" and why it is essential if you want your Ba Gua to work in real self-defense/ close combat)

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Featured video  John Bracy discusses "counterforce," an essential way of understanding internal martial art body mechanics. Includes  basic and advanced training methods.

Covering history, legend and training, John Bracy and Master Liu's Ba Gua is the essential book on the Eight Diagram Palm

"Authentic, well-ordered and written. Bracy and Liu's Ba Gua should fill a void. There is almost no literature on Ba Gua in English." ––– Robert Smith, author, Chinese Boxing: Masters and Methods

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Taoist Breathing Arts

The below video introduces our Wing Wei" (in Mandarin, "Yung Wei")

The Hsing Chen Close Combat Fighting system. Inspired by Bruce Lee's original art, Wing Chun, the Wing Wei system is designed to apply the principles of Tai Chi (taijiquan), Hsing I (xingyiquan) and Ba Gua (Pa Kua Chang) in close contact with the opponent. More detailed information on this internal arts close combat training system can be viewed at LINK.

About the below video: Rare, surprisingly candid discussion on 'secret poems' of the internal martial art, teaching principles and why most teachers today are missing the true principles of the art" by Master Liang Ke-quan, one of the last "old school masters" of Hsing I, Ba Gua and Tai Chi in China

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News and Stories

Instructors Kenneth Garrett and Tony Costa admitted as 6th Generation Disciples of Ba Gua Zhang

On August 12, 2012 Fifth and Sixth generation Formal Lineage Ba Gua Zhang disciples met at the Chi Arts/ Hsing Chen training facility in Laguna Beach, California to welcome two new formal members into the elite "Inner Door Disciple" dong hai chuanheritage. Following the prescribed manner established by Founder Dong Hai-chuan to accept disciples into the "Inner Door" of the Art, the ceremony, conducted by Fifth generation formal lineage holder John Bracy represented continuation of an ancient tradition and admitted Tony Costa and Kenneth Garrett and 6th generation disciples of the art. Adopted and systematized into the Ba Gua Art as the procedure to accept Disciples in the late nineteenth century, the Confucian ceremony witnessed by lineage holders, instructors, students and guests is rare.




Develop superior power and athletic connection today!

Teaching traditional Chinese internal martial arts since 1976. Internal power development, high quality training in Ba Gua Zhang (Baguazhang/ pa kua chang), tai chi ch'uan (taijiquan), Hsing I (xingyiquan). traditional healing and martial internal energy arts. On-line training videos, free and low cost training videos. Using mind and chi (qi) energy in the martial arts.


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