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* about the four yogis

ABOVE : These sketches, made by Jesuit missionary Cibot in the eighteenth century [more].

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Introduction to the "Wing Wei" (in Mandarin, "Yung Wei") Close Combat systemyoung wei1 yung wei front page ad Inspired by Wing Chun and designed for  practitioners of Tai Chi, Hsing I and Ba Gua to apply these internal arts to close street combat CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ MORE- or WATCH VIDEO. 


 Late Master Liang Ke-Quan on Internal Arts Teaching

button for master liang ke quan"Rare, surprisingly candid discussion on 'secret poems'of the internal martial art, teaching principles and why most teachers today are missing the true principles of the art" by one of the last "old school masters" of Hsing I, Ba Gua and Tai Chi in China


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read excerpts john bracy liu xing han ba gua book

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WATCH TRAILER�� https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-alKVl-w6rA

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Taoist Breathing Arts

taoist pushup 1pngLost secret "breathing arts" are the fastest way to develop power and athletic ability.. [Read more/ watch video]

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News and Stories

Instructors Kenneth Garrett and Tony Costa admitted as 6th Generation Disciples of Ba Gua Zhang

On August 12, 2012 Fifth and Sixth generation Formal Lineage Ba Gua Zhang disciples met at the Chi Arts/ Hsing Chen training facility in Laguna Beach, California to welcome two new formal members into the elite "Inner Door Disciple" dong hai chuanheritage. Following the prescribed manner established by Founder Dong Hai-chuan to accept disciples into the "Inner Door" of the Art, the ceremony, conducted by Fifth generation formal lineage holder John Bracy represented continuation of an ancient tradition and admitted Tony Costa and Kenneth Garrett and 6th generation disciples of the art. Adopted and systematized into the Ba Gua Art as the procedure to accept Disciples in the late nineteenth century, the Confucian ceremony witnessed by lineage holders, instructors, students and guests is rare.




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*Free Hsing I "Bone Marrow Washing"video for registered users training trainingxx

Founded in Orange County, California by Master John Bracy,the Hsing Chen and Chi Arts associations has numerous individual and group classes available throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County Area. Spreading beyond southern California, classes are now available in Spain, Itally, South Korea.

Our training includes three main areas of focus: Practical application in close combat, yogic healing arts and internal energy training based on the Tao Yin/ Chinese Taoist tradition


To research, preserve & propagate the True Internal Martial Arts

1. Real application in Close Combat Centered on the internal martial arts of Ba Gua Zhang (baguazhang/ Pa Kua Chang), Hsing I (xingyiquan),Tai Chi Chuan (taijiquan), and the practical close combat art developed by Master John Bracy called Hsing Chen, the principle goal of the Chi Arts Association is to research, preserve and help the serious student and teacher of the art understand and attain a high level of ability. This is a critical issue since the essence of the internal martial arts is in danger for numerous reasons - chief among these being Teacher Qualification.

It takes many years of full time work and investigation to understand the subtlety that makes the internal martial art work in real combat. However, due to incomplete training, there are physical principles and mental blocks that prevent most internal martial artists from effectively using their skill. This problem is most perplexing for the sincere student of the arts. How can a potential student know if a Chinese teacher claiming twenty years of study in reality has lessthan one of Form memorization? Or, if an instructor claims to be expert in a subject that he has barely taken one or two classes in?

To preserve these arts in the modern day of YOUTUBE and the in-your-face reality of mixed martial arts (MMA), it is critical that the serious student have a way to think for themselves and be able to differentiate between the real and the dilettante.

On this site you will find links to a number of discussions, videos, photographs and drawings describing essential internal martial art principles that provide both the aspiring student and experienced martial art with our approach to understanding internal martial arts. Many of these videos, including those on Ba Gua (baguazhang) and internal art principles are available at low cost subscription rates. Additional trainings and videos ready in the near future will be offered inexpensively or free of charge. [INTERNAL ART CLOSE COMBAT ESSENTIALS]

2. Chinese yoga and chi (chi kung/qigong) internal energy healing arts. The energetic arts we teach in the Chi Arts Association are based on the understanding of chi/ qi energy as a critical, however not yet completely understood phenomenon. Part electromagnetic, part biological force, we specialize in teaching two aspects of internal energy for martial art and healing applications. The first has to do with structure. Following the principle that energy follows form, the core essential of our internal energy training for both healing and self-defense training is based on structure, mechanics, breathing arts and attunement to natural bio-rhythms. [read more]


3. The Tao Yin/ Chinese Yogic tradition.

correct taoist yogi text.png

Ultimately leading to what we know today as the internal healing and martial tradition, in the second century CE, Taoist Yogis made arevolutionary change in the way they practiced. By shifting focus to the internal instead of external they gave rise to the nei dan tradition that developed a body of knowledge that would later give birth to energetic meditation, Tai Chi Chuan and what we today understand as traditional Chinese medicine.

Instructors of the Chi Arts Association believe that this knowledge still contributes to healing, meditation, yoga and the internalmartial arts [read more]

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