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Internal energy, when more clearly defined, will be understood as the link between attitude, emotions, intent and nervous system. A subtle, part bio-electrical, part etheric force that links mind to intent and physical form. Internal energy is inseparable from nervous system, attitude and emotions. Whether for health and healing of self or others, or for martial purpose, one's dominant mode of operating in the world, either positive- non judgmental and joyful with appreciation and gratitude, or negative- judgemental and angry is the primary determinant of whether a person is able to access and develop strong internal energy.

As a general rule, the more bitter, complaining or negative a person is, the less likely he or she is able to heal or develop internal energy. This is due to strengthening or weakening effects of emotional state on the heart, nervous system and, by extension, one's subtle life energy.

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WORK IN PROGRESS Copyright (c) John Bracy 2008

Directly translated from the Chinese words for subtle energy of the meridians and organs, nei chi, “Internal Energy” describes a range of subtle bioenergetic forces that link mind to human potential. The term acts as an umbrella label to explain unseen yet potent effects in a number of disciplines based on “life energy.” Internal energy is credited as the energetic force empowering acupuncture, energetic yogas and energetic healing. Many who practice these disciplines believe that control of this subtle bioenergetic force is the essential key to martial potency, yogic knowledge, and healing power. Internal energy is even said to be the unseen agent that empowers sexual alchemy and the attainment of spiritual insight. In each of these traditions internal energy is described as the invisible force accessed and directed by a true master. However, the range of application for this mysterious force is not limited to the aforementioned disciplines. Variations of internal energy are held to be the essential method to traditions ranging from tantric Buddhism to poetry, and from Taoist spirituality to inspired painting.

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